Northern BC Value of Tourism

Tourism provides social, cultural, environmental, and economic value to our communities

  • Every local economy is deeply impacted by the tourism industry, both directly and indirectly
  • Hotels, restaurants, and the entire hospitality industry create countless jobs and generate spending in the local economy
  • Local shops, activities, attractions, farms, marketing companies, and photographers are all reliant on the spending that is generated by tourism and enhance the cultural fabric of our communities
  • Northern B.C.'s rich resource sector is also dependent on our tourism industry – from the places they stay to the restaurants, shops, and local amenities they use while they are working here
  • Visitors pay taxes to municipal and provincial governments when they spend time in our community.

Covid-19 Impacts

The Tourism Industry across the globe has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic including existing tourism businesses in the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality. The Fort Nelson Visitor Center saw a decrease of over 80% in visitor numbers from 2019 to 2020. The USA and Canada border closure has impacted all leisure travellers wanting to experience the historic Alaska Highway on their route to or from Alaska.

The Covid-19 pandemic presents a clear and undeniable hurdle for the industry. It also presented an opportunity to reassess our local assets, what is possible for tourism development in the region and next steps. In March of 2021, the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality initiated a Strategic Planning Process to develop a new 5-year Tourism Strategic Plan to provide a road map for regional tourism recovery while building a remarkable sustainable tourism destination.

Tourism Strategic Plan

The 2022 Tourism Strategic Plan is the most recent document regarding our tourism strategy.  The goal of the tourism strategy is to really foster a culture of tourism within the communities and supports development within the region by being utilized as a roadmap.

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Business Opportunities

With the world famous and historically rich Alaska Highway as the main street to the whole region and the expansive natural assets covering approximately 10% of the province, the Northern Rockies offers endless opportunities for tourism business growth and development.

Contact us to discuss your business development ideas further. We may be able to provide new or additional information on identified opportunities/service gaps, existing traveller and potential traveller research and marketing target audiences for the region.

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