Aside from “hard” assets that make economic development possible, little progress can be made without the less tangible support structures that underpin good business. These supports come in the form of collaborative relationships, formal arrangements, reliable sources of information, advocacy and leadership.

The Northern Rockies has such elements in place, which allow businesses to focus on core concerns while increasing their chances of success. In the NRRM, these essential functions are carried out in a number of ways.

Information, Facilitation and Advocacy

  • Regional Council ensures reliable access to high-quality, development-ready infrastructure as well as advocates for the interests of local residents and businesses to senior levels of government.
  • NRRM staff provide information and assistance to the community, identify opportunities for development and execute Regional Council's direction.
  • The Fort Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce provides information to its members, represents community interests and provides a venue for businesses to discuss matters of mutual concern.
  • Industry groups are strong advocates for issues of concern within their sectors. (e.g. tourism, agriculture, oil and gas, etc.).

Formal Agreements and Partnerships

  • The Community Forest Partnership between Fort Nelson First Nation and the NRRM brought about the largest Community Forest in British Columbia.
  • The Infrastructure Development Contribution Agreement (IDCA) with the provincial government facilitated infrastructure improvements not otherwise affordable.
  • The NRRM Official Community Plan (2011) guides development in the community.

Financial Services

Goods and Services

  • Two major grocery stores, a local Farmers Market and health foods store supply the community at reasonable prices.
  • A variety of wholesale and retail businesses ensure access for businesses and consumers.
  • Electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other trades are well represented through established local providers and support both industrial and commercial customers.

Transportation and Shipping

  • Transportation options include scheduled and charter fixed wing and rotary air services.
  • Truck transport service is well established both north and south of the Municipality.
  • CN Rail offers essential rail service, with upgrades subject to demand.
  • BC Bus North and Northern Health Connections provide ground transport to the south.
  • Taxi service and the Northern Rockies Seniors Society Bus provide local transport options.
  • Local delivery services offer pick-up and drop-off on demand.
  • Canada Post and a selection of courier services provides reliable shipping and mail delivery.

Other Advantages

  • A willing workforce with expertise in industry.
  • Reasonable wages throughout the region.
  • Available and affordable housing for sale, lease or rental.
  • Industry, vocational and academic training and upgrading are offered locally through the Northern Lights College and private operators.
  • Internet connectivity and cable television are provided in the NRRM by Northwestel.