A diverse mix of assets supports a strong economy and ensure the Northern Rockies is a sustainable community. 

Natural resources and physical infrastructure are supported by well-functioning economic and social underpinnings. These assets combined with local know-how, a strong sense of community, and a “Can Do!” attitude form the foundation on which the region is built.

Community Asset Mapping (CAM) Model

The NRRM has adopted the Community Asset Mapping (CAM) model as a tool to identify, organize and make the best use of our economic building blocks to move forward.

The CAM model fits well with the Northern Rockies' culture of self-sufficiency as it considers opportunities for future development and how they might be managed and implemented by the community, for the community. The model is not limited to viewing community economic development as the application of land and natural resources, labour and capital only, but includes the essential components of social networks, services and community organizations.

As such, the model supports a tailored “made in the North” approach best suited to the Regional Municipality and its residents and businesses.

The CAM model groups assets into the four broad categories linked below.

Business Supports

Natural Resources

Physical Infrastructure

Social Services and Community