The NRRM appreciates the need for accurate background information to help those considering doing business in the Northern Rockies. We have invested time and effort into researching key areas of interest for potential investors. Some of the most current studies are available through the links below.

We are also aware that every potential investment is unique and that each investor will want information specific to their particular business decision. We are eager to provide just that, and invite you to contact us to get the information you need.


Annual Report (2022)

  • The most recent report on the activities of the NRRM for 2020.

Fort Nelson State of the Community Report (2017)

  • A general review of the socio-economic context of the community.

Economic Strategy

Regional Economic Strategy (2019)

  • A detailed report on the economic state of the NRRM, as well as opportunities and recommendations for development.

Investment Attraction Strategy (2017)

  • An examination of interest to foreign and domestic investors wanting to do business with offshore counterparts.


Regional Connectivity Strategy (2020)

  • The strategy guiding the NRRM's current efforts to enhance broadband connectivity.

Labour Market

Labour and Economic Study (2021)

  • A detailed look into the current labour market in the NRRM. The Study explores future opportunities and demand, with reference to three major industrial developments under consideration in the Northern Rockies.


Agriculture Arability Project (2007)

  • The report discusses agricultural potential in the region.


Tourism Strategy & Action Plan (2022)

  • The goal of the Tourism Northern Rockies 2022-2027 Tourism Strategy is to foster a culture of tourism in the region and is meant to be employed as an actionable roadmap to develop the regions tourism industry. 


Fort Nelson Community Forest Community Update (2020)

  • The most recent report from the Fort Nelson Community Forest - the largest in BC and a partnership between Fort Nelson First Nation and the NRRM.

Aspen Utilization Study - Phase 1 (2017)

  • A preliminary high-level assessment of the aspen resource in the NRRM.

Aspen Utilization Study: Lumber and Veneer Recovery - Phase 2 (2018)

  • An in-depth investigation of the NRRM's characteristics and potential of our aspen resource.

Review of Aspen/Hardwood Resources (2018)

  • An overview of the aspen/hardwood forest resource in the Fort Nelson Timber Supply Area with a view to developing a forest industry in the region.

Forestry Investor Report (2019)

  • Contains comprehensive information of interest to investors considering the NRRM as a base of forestry-based manufacturing. The report also has information of value to investors in other sectors.

Boreal Caribou

Economic Impact of Boreal Caribou Habitat Recovery Measures (2018)

  • This study was commissioned as part of the NRRM's engagement with the Government of BC and interested First Nations on boreal caribou recovery.